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LHT are a housing association managing 13,500 units across North Lincolnshire ranging from houses to blocks of flats. We were approached directly and liaise with Libby Kerman, Sustainability Manager.


They are under an obligation from the Local Authority to start reporting their impact on the environment. Increasingly, in order to receive funding for local initiatives such as External Wall Insulation (EWI) they need to demonstrate that they are taking steps to minimise their carbon output in addition to lowering energy bills for the tenants.


Libby was very invested in learning how to use the software and get data integrity. We gave a lot of 1-1 support to her to help her produce the first carbon report. She really likes using the platform and especially the ability to get a visual representation of the data. She likes the ability to share it across the entire business so that they can see the impact measuring the carbon output can have on the business. Having all the data to hand allows her to plan initiatives much easier.


Been able to publically state our Net Zero goals to all our stakeholders including tenant and publish our Net Zero roadmap.

  • All homes to be EPC C rated by 2030: this means more energy efficient
  • Reach Net Zero by 2050: this means we plan to have reduced and offset all of our carbon emissions to zero
  • Introduce 5 biodiversity sites every year: to bring more biodiversity and wildlife into our communities
  • Measure and report our carbon footprint annually: to highlight how much carbon we consume across our business
  • Become a carbon literate organisation by March 2024: to ensure our colleagues understand the importance of reducing carbon emissions and looking after the environment


Produced first annual carbon report and continuing to measure and report their carbon.

Next Steps

Implement the plan, refine the reporting by granular data. Improve data accuracy and start working on Scope 3 emissions in more detail.

Additional references


Make your business Net Zero


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Make your business Net Zero

When it comes to tackling climate change, your business has a big part to play. Notch can help you start your journey towards Net Zero.  

Make your business Net Zero

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