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Elevate your business with notch carbon accounting. Track emissions, optimise operations, and seize growth opportunities, enhancing efficiency, profitability, and sustainability effortlessly.

Activity based analytics

A user-centric platform, prioritizes simplicity and affordability while ensuring compliance with GHG protocols and statutory reporting. With activity-based tracking, it offers nuanced insights surpassing spend-based methods

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Drawing from our experience with over 900 customers since 2020, the notch team is expertly poised to guide and support clients on their Net Zero journey with tailored strategies and proven solutions

The entire team at notch have been incredibly helpful and I always feel comfortable asking lots of questions. They make things very accessible and not only have in depth knowledge of carbon reporting but have the up-to-date information on the sustainability sector which they share with us.”

Libby Kerman, Sustainability Manager, Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

We chose notch because it was best in class

Paul Miller, Sales and Marketing Director, Drax

Carbon accounting is going to become as integral within a business as financial accounting. It’s inevitable.

Eugene Buchner, Business Development Director, V-Tuf

There are so many benefits to your business by being environmentally focused. Why wouldn’t you want to do the right thing?

Rob Sayles, Managing Director, Scott Direct

Platform overview

Proven to add value to businesses

The benefits are two fold – providing compliance and developing a stronger business. By measuring our carbon data we are putting ourselves well ahead of our competitors.” Eugene Buchner, Business Development Director, V-Tuf

Easy to use, Simple to understand

Simple to read dashboards which are customisable to your exact needs with the functionality to create and add bespoke data views

Fully scalable & customisable to support you as your Net Zero journey evolves

Expand your data, create custom views, expand reporting across your organisation and create and track bespoke actions

Single click statutory & stakeholder reporting with full audit reporting to support supplier reporting

Create statutory reporting in just a few clicks

Selectable carbon intensity metrics

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Frequently asked questions

notch is a group of people passionate about helping organisations navigate the path to Net Zero, and in doing so, make their businesses better. A notch is a v-shaped indentation, that can be used to compare values. We’ve used it to name the platform that enables our users to compare their emissions over time.

For some businesses, it’s a statutory requirement. For all businesses, it sends a clear message to your customers, suppliers and employees that you take your relationship with the environment seriously, and you’re working to remove inefficiencies in the way you operate.

This depends on your business. Under SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting), you must publish Scope 1, Scope 2 and some Scope 3 categories. If you provide goods or services to Public Sector customers, you may also need to provide a PPN06/21 report. The good news is that notch has native functionality to create and publish these reports, all driven by the data you provide.

We’ve worked hard to refine the platform based on feedback from hundreds of users, so that it offers the right balance of functionality and user experience. It has been designed to support small, medium and large businesses from lots of different industries and has flexibility designed in. There is an exciting roadmap of functionality on the horizon, that will ensure you have the data you need to remain compliant with an increasing level of scrutiny, and emissions reporting throughout your value chain.

Other carbon calculators tell me it’s easy.. why does notch ask for more data?

As a core principle, we believe ‘activity based’ emissions calculations trump ‘spend based’. Quick question: Do you offer the same prices to all your customers, regardless of volume? Do all your competitors? No… thought not. This simple acid test demonstrates that average prices are just that… average. 

Our conversion factors for activities are based on the UK DEFRA and DFNZ published conversion factors, and applied on a monthly basis. So this means you can be sure we’re applying the right conversions factors for the time period in which the activity took place. We believe the collection and population of data is relatively easy, and our team helps your understand how to get the data, and embed processes in your day-to-day operations that mean minimal impact on your business.

Put simply, accuracy increases, ambiguity decreases. Let’s use supply chain transport emissions as an example. Based purely on spend averages, you’re assuming that you pay the same rates per mile or per package as a company that transports medical equipment, or car parts, or toilet rolls. By calculating emissions based on weight and distance, we can reach a meaningfully more accurate set of emissions. 

notch offers services to help you get up and running for your first year or reporting period. This means we train you on the platform, configure user permissions and sites, and help you collect, cleanse and upload your data. We can also help you produce reports, set up dashboards, and generally position you to get the most value out of the platform. You could also choose to work with our extensive list of notch partners

SECR, PPN06/21, Annual Carbon Report, plus the ability to create custom reports

If you’re ready to start your journey, want to understand how notch can help you, or even just want to talk about your business and it’s emissions book a demo here.

Customer stories


V-Tuf equips cleaners to deliver essential cleaning tasks through a healthy and eco-friendly solution, and have partnered with notch to gather the data to take their sustainability goals even further.


Drax Energy Solutions provide renewable power to more than 10,000 UK businesses. They have partnered with notch to provide their customers with a method of carbon reporting that will meet regulatory requirements.

Brightly Software

Brightly Software, a Siemens company, have been working with notch for the last two years to produce their carbon reports and have incorporated their sustainability actions into the heart of the company.