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Platform overview

Built on the GHG protocol

notch is built on the principles of the GHG Protocol and fully complaint to the latest guidance on GHG emissions reporting. Our commitment is to drive the evolution of the platform to maximise its value to our users as well as to ensure that they remain fully complaint to the very latest reporting requirements.

Easy and simple to use

One of the key, consistent, feedbacks from our users is that the platform is easy to user, simple to understand and the outputs allow then to develop and implement positive actions. These actions, invariable, not only reduce emissions but also support wider improvements across their businesses: •Eliminating waste and reducing costs •Winning new and strengthening the retention of existing customers •Providing access to new markets and opportunities that are looking for companies driving reduction in GHG emissions •Support innovation with the business to create new, lower carbon goods & services

Detailed emissions reporting across all 3 scopes

Invariable companies start with Scopes 1&2 but, very quickly, need to start looking at their, more complex, Scope 3 emissions. notch allows users to expand their reporting simply and easily. From ‘dipping a toe’ into Scope 3 reporting to being fully emersed and reporting all emissions across all relevant Scope 3 categories. Highly customisable, notch allows users to create the exact emissions they need to report and, using our analytics suite, create bespoke reporting to measure emissions and support mitigation plans. The next slides shows the categories that have been uploaded and can be reported in the analytics suite

Scaleable across your organisation

Net Zero is, ultimately, something that has to become part of ‘how a business operates’. It means that GHG emissions reporting has to become something that is embedded and owned across all parts of the business. The notch platform is fully scalable, with 4 levels of operational reporting, to allow you to report GHG emissions fully aligned to your operations. It’s easy and simple to create a reporting structure and to update date as your organisational structure evolves over time

Fully international

notch already supports large businesses with operations in multiple countries across the world. The platform is designed to fully support multi-country operations. Allowing local operations to report in local units (e.g. km or miles) and to consolidate reporting back to the reporting units of the relevant Division or Corporate country.

Produce statutory or custom stakeholder reporting

Compliance and communication are vital aspects of targeting Net Zero. The notch platform allow you to: •Produce, professional, fully compliant statutory reporting with just a few clicks •Create custom internal reporting directly from your dashboards to support the broader ownership of Net Zero across your operations.

Full Carbon Planning directly in the platform

Once you’ve measured your GHG emissions the next step is to create and implement plans to mitigate emissions. The new notch Carbon Planning module allows users to: •Create specific plans for chosen emission types by a single or multiple site •Assign these actions to a specific site(s) to drive ownership •Choose action that either ‘reduce’ emissions directly or ‘switch’ activity to a lower carbon alternative (e.g. from diesel to EV cars) •Create short, medium or long term plans •Our ‘What if’ module allows users to see the impact of various action and then, either save it as a scenario for future review, or create a specific action and add it to your plans •Report your progress against your plans. See exactly where you’re achieving or where you need to put more focus

Supply Chain Reporting & Auditing

Larger companies are now driving carbon reporting across their supply chains with many struggling to determine the quality and consistency of reporting. notch allows reporting suppliers to create GHG emissions reporting directly aligned to the reporting requirements of larger business. With each report capable of being reviewed and signed by notch to ensure accuracy and consistency of reporting. Ensuring that larger companies can be sure of the quality of supplier reporting and its use in their own emissions reporting.

Redefining Carbon Accounting.
Stay ahead with superior performance and unmatched simplicity, setting new standards in the industry.

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Next Steps - Starting your journey!

Key Steps - First 3 months

To get started we’ll work with you on the following steps.

  1. Appoint a senior sponsor
  2. Initial call to discuss the process
  3. Appoint an internal project manager
  4. Full training for the team on the platform
  5. Undertake Situation review and data map
  6. Collect and upload the starting data
  7. Create an initial benchmark

Customer stories


V-Tuf equips cleaners to deliver essential cleaning tasks through a healthy and eco-friendly solution, and have partnered with notch to gather the data to take their sustainability goals even further.


Drax Energy Solutions provide renewable power to more than 10,000 UK businesses. They have partnered with notch to provide their customers with a method of carbon reporting that will meet regulatory requirements.

Brightly Software

Brightly Software, a Siemens company, have been working with notch for the last two years to produce their carbon reports and have incorporated their sustainability actions into the heart of the company.