V-TUF equips cleaners to sustainably deliver essential cleaning tasks by removing health, safety and environmental risks.  Based in the UK, the V-TUF brand guarantees cleaning efficiency, reliability, healthy and eco-friendly solutions across the Construction, Automotive, Manufacturing and many trade industries. 



Back in 2023 the team began using the notch platform to measure and report their carbon emissions.


 We caught up with Eugene Buchner, Business Development Director and Ryan Ward, Operations director to hear how it was going.

Why have you chosen to do Carbon Accounting?

“V-TUF has long had ambitions to improve the sustainability aspects of their products and in their practices.” Their mission is ‘pursuing performance excellence while equipping customers with cost effective solutions that don’t cost the earth.


We also acknowledge the increasing requirement from our supply chain to report our carbon emissions as part of contracts bids.”

Why did you choose notch?

“We knew we needed a method of capturing the carbon emissions across the business but when they started looking in the marketplace, the carbon accounting solutions we found were expensive and complicated.  We turned to our energy partner, David Hawes from Net Zero International for help and he recommended notch carbon accounting software, which provided detailed measurement, tracking and reporting of Scopes 1, 2 & 3 but in user friendly format and at a price point we liked.



V-TUF are in their second year of using notch. Ryan describes the platform as “Simple to use, intuitive and easy to see where emission improvements can be made. I particularly like the visuals and the use of graphs to not only track our journey, but to use for presentation purposes internally and externally. Working with a knowledgeable partner like Net Zero International has helped to convert the data into pragmatic business goals and the benefits are becoming more achievable.”

What benefits have you seen?

Visualising the data has helped take our sustainability goals even further this year and these have included:


* The introduction of more recyclable packaging to reduce waste.


* Great strides in using UK manufacturers for products have been made which addresses plans to produce locally and reduce lead       times and carbon emissions from global transportation.


* Business Travel, which has seen a 56% reduction in carbon emissions with the transfer of some of the business fleet to electric          vehicles with plans for more.


* Company-wide, the V-TUF employees have participated in car sharing initiatives which have seen a 17% reduction in employee           commuting carbon emissions.


* Product development is continuing to focus on switching pressure to be powered by batteries rather than diesel and petrol. This      switch is not only lowering carbon emissions but is bringing in new business opportunities, such as operating on construction            sites in low emission zones throughout the UK.

What are your next steps?

” I  believes that ongoing carbon measurement is an integral part of doing business going forward. The benefits are two fold – providing compliance and developing a stronger business. By measuring our carbon data and having these reports to hand we are putting ourselves well ahead of our competitors. 



Whenever we are asked by our suppliers or customers to complete their carbon questionnaires, we have the data immediately to hand. This also makes onboarding so much easier and quicker.” 

What is your advice to other companies?

“Carbon accounting is going to become as integral in a business as financial accounting. It’s inevitable. 


My advice to any company is to not view it as an additional burden and don’t be apprehensive. Get on board now and get ahead of the curve.”



reduction in carbon emissions from the benchmark


reduction in emissions per employee


reduction in electricity related emissions


reduction in business travel emissions

Make your business Net Zero

When it comes to tackling climate change, your business has a big part to play. notch can help you start your journey towards Net Zero  

Make your business Net Zero

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