Crisp Malt are part of Anglia Maltings Holdings, owned by Richardson International who are based in Canada, and manufacture malted and non-malted products. They operate six malting plants – two in England, two in Scotland and a further two in Europe in Germany and Poland. 


Manufacturing approximately 400k tonnes of Malt per year, they are the 10 biggest suppliers to the global brewing and distilling industries. Their customers include global brands, major whisky distillers through to supplying over 600 craft brewers. They are also a provider of malted and non-malted ingredients into the food industry and animal food.

What are your reasons for Carbon Accounting?

We spoke to Dr David Griggs (Technical Director) and Ellie Wood (Sustainability Coordinator).  David tells us:


“Our raw materials which are malting barley, wheat, oats and other cereals are the biggest contributors to the carbon emissions associated with our products. All of our customers are focused on sustainable supply and regenerative agriculture. We have wanted to become more sustainable as well as helping our customers achieve their carbon plans. Our competitors are also doing it and we know that compliance and legislative demands are being set by governments. 

We have set a target to be a Net Zero business by 2045.

Why did you choose notch?

Ellie tells us that she had the notch platform recommended by their energy partner, Drax.


“I have used other carbon accounting platforms before, but the notch platform is really user friendly, and its functionality is really great. My favourite features are being able to mass upload data in one go, being able to split the dashboard by site and being able to collate such a vast range of data. The flexibility to customise the data is a real bonus. For example, we are able to add Peat into the metrics which is something other dashboards wouldn’t be able to do.


Initially it was challenging to gather the data. We had lots of data, but it was scattered around on various spreadsheets completed by different people. While we had good data on energy consumption when we looked at other areas such as waste disposal, it was more difficult. notch has streamlined all the data gathering for monthly collection.”


David adds:

“We want to be as transparent as possible, so it was important that we recorded our actual data rather than spend data, so that we get a realistic picture of where we are, and notch allows us to do this. The team at notch have been very helpful and supportive with a common-sense approach – starting with the data we had and building it up from there. There are companies out there who will just sell you the software and leave you to it. We wanted the support that goes behind it and that’s what notch brings – a passion and a deep knowledge of the sector. Having the reassurance from the team is what we needed.”

What benefits have you seen

“One of the biggest steps we have taken is to convert the HGV lorries away from diesel. It was good to look at the transport information on the dashboard which gives us leverage to make these changes and monitor it.


Although we have longer term challenges with regard to energy usage, measuring the data allows us to chip away at energy efficiencies. The data is also helping us contribute to the planning of large Capex opportunities which will have long term benefits.”

What are you next steps

“We are keen to elaborate on our Scope 3 emissions and doing that work collaboratively with our supply chain so that we are all aligned in what we want our Net Zero goals to be. 


We also want to share the dashboard amongst our colleagues and customers and perhaps even share it live on our website. We also want to use the individual site dashboards to set KPIs and drive down emissions. We just need to demonstrate progress and commitment to the Net Zero journey – we all realise that this change doesn’t happen overnight.”

What is your advice to other companies

“You’re probably already doing it – collecting data and focusing on energy saving. Carbon accounting just formalises it and makes it easier to action.”


reduction in business travel related emissions


of road miles are green (hybrid or fully electric)


Expanded reporting from 1 to 8 sites


All sites now reporting scopes 1&2

Make your business Net Zero

When it comes to tackling climate change, your business has a big part to play. notch can help you start your journey towards Net Zero.  

Make your business Net Zero

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