Drax Energy Solutions have provided renewable power and related services to more than 10,000 UK businesses. They are the Net Zero partner of their customers to help them with their decarbonisation journey by supplying them with renewable power as standard and supporting them with EV infrastructure and smart meters, to optimising electric assets and leading the way with carbon removal credits.  


Since 2022, Drax has partnered with notch to provide their customers with a comprehensive activity-based carbon reporting software so that they can accurately measure, track, and report their carbon emissions.



We spoke with Paul Miller, Sales & Marketing Director about the partnership and how it is helping their customers.

Why did you want to introduce carbon accounting to your customers?

“As a company we are committed to supporting our customers to become more sustainable and stronger for a Net Zero future. As a business we have all the offerings to be able to get them to Net Zero from renewable energy supply as standard and electrification of vehicles to becoming an international carbon removal player.  However, we know that unless our customers are reporting their Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions they have no visibility of how they are going to achieve it.  We knew that we needed to offer them a carbon accounting system in order to give them this ability.”

Why did you partner with notch?

“We believe that carbon reporting needs to be done right. When we looked around there are some companies that claim to offer free carbon reporting, but these are too basic and don’t give you the kind of audited report to input into your financials that meet regulatory requirements.  


We did our due diligence and looked for a business that represented our own brand and chose notch as it we considered it best in class as it was clear from meeting with the notch team and seeing the software that the platform was innovative.  We also felt that the platform was intuitive and had ease of use which made a complicated issue like carbon reporting simple for businesses to interpret.


Drax, has an ambition to be carbon negative by 2030 and to do that, we know how critical it is to be able to report on our emissions.

What benefits are you alreadyseen?

“By recording the data, the customer can work out the carbon emissions in each of their scopes. For instance, if they measure their Scope 2 and then use the renewable power, it negates the carbon impact. 


It will become even more important when reporting Scope 3 emissions and this is where Drax will be able to identify opportunities to support our customers to deliver their Net Zero goals.”

What is your advice do you give your customers about carbon accounting?

“If you’ve got an obligation to report on your emissions as part of your business and commitments to shareholders and investors, then you need to do it properly. There’s also a commercial application and financial value to the reporting too. 

You may think that a Net Zero journey may seem difficult but the longer you leave it, the more problematic it will be. That’s why you should be engaging now and as your Net Zero partner, offering notch and a fully supported service means that we can help you do that.”

Make your business Net Zero

When it comes to tackling climate change, your business has a big part to play. notch can help you start your journey towards Net Zero  

Make your business Net Zero

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